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The Girl Also Has

The Girl Also Has – A look that says she will make it worth taking a chance.

Look For Signs

Look For Signs – Don’t ignore the obvious pointers in life.

Gift Advice

Gift Advice – There is not a teenage boy in the world that doesn’t need this.

Brave Heart

Brave Heart – Some people just have it.

Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction – Some places will do anything to attract tourists.

Sign Power

Sign Power – That liberal arts degree finally came in handy.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day – To all those men who don’t know that they are fathers… Happy father’s day. Next time-wear a condom.

Toilet Signs

Signs – For those without sense of any kind.

Gun’s Control

Gun Control – Your next-door neighbor disagrees and he wants you to know it.


Neutering – The practical alternative to inbreeding.

Neighbors Property

Neighbors – Wait till you see what the one to your south did to your wife who was parking her car on his lawn.

Why Copyright Is Important

WHY COPYRIGHT IS IMPORTANT – How would you feel if you created something good, then a deceptive person used it for it’s crimes and in