Tag: Sexy

Two Airbags

Airbags – Two are always better then one.

Summer Anime

Summer – When the sun comes a knocking the clothes go a flocking.

Sakuya Anime

Sakuya – Just because she’s a maid, doesn’t mean she can’t be hawt.

Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll – Now available in full size. Now available in full size

Blonde Fishing

Blonde Fishing – The way to a mans heart is thru his fly.

Massages Anime

Massages – Some people just can’t appreciate how glorious they can be.


Snoring – It just never looked so damned sexy.

Breeding Education

Breeding – You can’t expect much when you send kids out without a proper education.

Anime Variety

Anime Variety – No one goes to f**king Baskin-Robbins for just f**king vanilla.


Yuyuko – She eats so much so that she can fill her own meat buns.

Butterface Effect

Butter face Effect – Every time a girl with awesome boobage smiles, there’s a Chihaya out there crying.

China Dress Anime

China Dress – No matter what you’re figure it”ll make you look sexy.


Pics – Or it didn’t happen.


Superspies – I guess this is what they mean by hide in plain sight?