Tag: Cool

Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity – Lets jack it while Ghost Rider is having a crap.

Cool Friends

Cool Friends – I don’t need them, I make them.


Lazy – Who am I kidding, we all wish we’d thought of it sooner.

Only Patience

Only Patience – Because you don’t have a choice.

Hover Cat

Hover Cat – Exploring the universe, one galaxy at a time.

Foot Rests

Foot Rests – Some are better than others.

Best Rack

Best Rack – Seriously, it’s quite effective.

Regret it

Regret – No matter how hard you try, you’ll always look like a dumb-a$$.

Mind Games

Mind Games – When you see it, you’ll s**t bricks.

Cool Hairstyle

Cool Hairstyle – It seemed like a good idea at the time.


WOG – When you ignore everything else except the belt-line kit and choice of weaponry.