Bravery Man

Bravery – Give the guy (on the right) a Medal.

A Bad Day

A Bad Day – When your bed is to far away and the stairs seem pretty comfy.


Supermodels – Fun to look at, don’t eat much.


Behavior – Never be the thing people remember most about the wedding.

Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning – The equipment isn’t complete without the proper user.

Magic Trick

Magic Trick – Sometimes it’s better not to know the reason behind the outcome.


Anorexia – I beat it, you can too.

Find a Common Goal

Find a Common Goal – Team work. It doesn’t matter how different your characters are.

That’s Crazy

That’s Crazy – Only $55 a month for unlimited calling?

Moments to Note

Moments – Note to self: Next time forgot to send Joe the invite to a family.

Sports Medic

Sports Medic – Keep calm and do everything that i tell you to do.

Curses Anime

Curses – Quick get naked that will scare it away.

Utility Beard

Utility Bear – Considerably more useful  than 90% of people.