Tag: Food

Find a Common Goal

Find a Common Goal – Team work. It doesn’t matter how different your characters are.

Delight Anime

Delight – The essence of happiness is just a strawberry pudding.

Warm, Salty Yogurt

Warm, Salty Yogurt – Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to the taste.

Excuse Me Sir

Excuse Me – I believe that broccoli’s is mine.

Pork Brains

Pork Brains – When you need to top up on your cholesterol levels.

Help Yourself

Help Yourself – But someone already took a bite out of Mami.

The Man Bowl

The Man Bowl – Finally we can eat at the table like a real human.

The Only Reason Anime

The Only Reason – I told her to get to the kitchen was that I wanted to her on the counter.

Be Creative

Be Creative – Or at least put burger in a CD-case.

No Thanks

No Thanks – I’m a vegetarian.

Thank You

Thank You – For converting vegetables into bacon.

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal Advertising – I know I want her but suddenly I am having a craving for a hot dog too.

Midnight Snacks

Midnight Snacks – If we aren’t supposed to have a midnight snack then why is there a light in the fridge?

Food Storage

Food Storage – Without it, you may have to get creative.