Tag: Weapons

Next Generation

Next Generation – Teach them gun safety at an early age, and they won’t put you in retirement home when the decision is up to

Military Vision

Military Vision – Some people see an obstacle, Some see an opportunity. You see a natural choke point with flank security.

Anime Equipment

Equipment – There’s always space for one more weapon.

Baseball Training Aids

Baseball Training Aids – Include swing trainers, bats, pitch backs, nets and mortars.

Total Destruction

Total Destruction – Because there is a thing called “Too Much Power”.

Army Chicks

Army Chicks – So much better than army dudes.


Distraction – A girl’s greatest weapon is her assets.


Paranoia – Because in America, everything is terrorism.

Starting Equipment

Starting Equipment – Because the dungeon corridors are only ten feet wide, that’s why.


Accessories – Because enough is never enough.

Point-Blank Bazooka

Point-Blank Bazooka – Someone take that RPG away from Jamal before he kills us all.

M16 _ 5.56mm

M16 _ 5.56mm – Who said it was underpowered?

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels – A weapon of mass destruction since 1846.


Bandwagon – Selecting all the wrong weapons because you didn’t actually read the book.