Tag: Baby

Here Mom

Here Mom – Take these out, it’ll be a better picture.


Plan-B – It’s always good to have a backup plan ready before disaster strikes.

Jew Baby

Jew Baby – He’ll be making your kids invest their milk money in stock.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams – If you don’t fear the reprisal, you’d do the same.

Metal Baby

Metal Baby – Because if you’re not born whit it, Don’t make us waste our time.

Baby Photos

Baby Photos – Could there be a more inappropriate time to watch p**n?

Now You Know

Now You Know – Why babies smile while they are sleeping.

Jean Diapers

Jean Diapers – If you are to lazy to put actual pants on your child.


Monkey’s – They will always suggest bad ideas.

Mom Off The Year

Mom Off The Year – They not all win the Britney Spears mom off the year award.

Dating A Mom

Dating A Mom – Like continuing from someone else’s saved game.

It Was Not

It Was Not – A joyful day when Sean found out he would now be bottle-fed.