Tag: Couple

The Kiss

The Kiss – What would it take for you to give her one?

True Gentleman

“True Gentleman” – But didn’t offer to carry her shoes for her.


Flossing – It’s just good personal hygiene.

Prom Night

Prom Night – You’re doing it wrong.

The Eternal Dilemma

The Eternal Dilemma – Too tired to stay up, yet too awake to fall asleep.

Putting A Price In Love

Putting A Price In Love – The more that people undervalue me, the more of a bargain I become. But it’s still a little depressing

Walking Away

Walking Away – I don’t run away from you, I walk slowly, and it kills me you don’t care enough to stop me.

Young And Old

Young And Old – You say I have daddy issues, but I’m not the one sleeping with someone my daughters age.

Stamina in Bed

Stamina – I’m so good in bed, I recently received the medal of on-her.


Confessions – Actually, he’s not that bad… Actually, I’m not that good…