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Hidden Fruits - anime

Hidden Fruits

Hidden Fruits - Are usually the ones that taste the sweetest.


Boobage Anime

Boobage - Security comes from others insecurities.

Detectives Anime

Detectives Anime

Detectives - No detail is too small to overlook.

She Sells - anime

She Sells

She Sells - Sea Shells on the Sea Shore.

Friendzone Anime

Friendzone Anime

Friend-zone - Bow your head low enough and you might at least get to l!ck her feet.

Big Bad - anime

Big Bad

Big Bad - When Lil red goes out to play the wolf goes out to work.

Who Cares - anime

Who Cares?

Who Cares? - If it disturbs you that much then get the f#*k out of that bed and let me get

Mamisan - Anime


Mamisan - The best puzzle game ever.

Overspeeding Anime

Overspeeding Anime

Over speeding - There really is only one true way to drive. And that's fast. Really,

Essentials Anime

Essentials Anime

Essentials - I like my bikinis like my exams. Short, simple and only covers the important

Beach Anime

Beach Anime

Beach - Because every anime character have to be seen in a swimsuit at least once.

Harems Anime

Harems Anime

Harems - Every one has an alpha girl.

Izayoi Sakuya - anime

Izayoi Sakuya

Izayoi Sakuya - Service level: Extra

Family Planning - anime

Family Planning

Family Planning - Something that should be available to everyone yet there are those who

Usagi Anime

Usagi Anime

Usagi - Need i say more?

Oppaitunity - anime


Oppaitunity - Grasp it with both hands.

Inside The Devil - Anime

Inside The Devil

Inside The Devil - May lie the heart of an angel.

Strong Feminine Bonds - Anime

Strong Feminine Bonds

Strong Feminine Bonds - Is just part of the teamwork.

Anime Relationships

Anime Relationships

Relationships - Be careful or you may lose head.

Skirt Flip - Anime

Skirt Flip

Skirt Flip - Sometimes you don't always get what you want.

Offset Anime

Offset Anime

Offset - God doesn't create without purpose; Mountains have to have valleys for there to

The Wise Soldier - Best Demotivational Posters

The Wise Soldier

The Wise Soldier - Keeps their gun loaded!

Armor Rating Anime

Armor Rating

Armor Rating - Can't argue with stacked stats.

Dangerous Combination - Anime

Dangerous Combination

Dangerous Combination - The thigh-high wearing tsundere on the bed with chains, a man can

Get In Line - Anime

Get In Line

Get In Line - I got 12 other ladies to work with.

Ultear Anime

Ultear Anime

Ultear - Even an ice cold b!tch can melt under the right circumstances.