Tag: Anime

Style No Matter What

Style – Just can’t go below a certain level, no matter what the circumstances are.


Gar – Needs not apply only to men.

Summer Anime

Summer – When the sun comes a knocking the clothes go a flocking.

Don’t Mind Me

Don’t Mind Me – Just checking the waters before swimming.

Singing Tree

Singing Tree – Technology sure has come a long way.


Sanae – Not as much of a good girl as she lets on.

Game Time

Game Time – One of these ladies could be your Imouto, what would you do?

Taken By Surprise

Surprise – There are some things you don’t notice when you’ve been taken by surprise.

Hey Kirino

Hey Kirino – Guess what time it is.

Hustling Anime

Hustling Anime – Every mistake is a calculated mistake.

Flavoring Anime

Flavoring – Amazing how one or two slits changes the entire taste of the dish.

Originality Anime

Originality – Not a lot of people get to spend their wedding night in jail.

Reservation Anime

Reservation – Though the door is already open, being welcomed in, on the other hand, is another story.


Slip-up – We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.

Time Off

Time Off – Kick off the uniform and enjoy your sounds.

Companionship Anime

Companionship – There’s no greater warmth then sharing a blanket with someone who wants to.

Style Anime

Style – The man makes the clothes but it keeps you warm.

Relax Time

Relax Time – For when you are kick out of the house and/or Shrine.