She Sells

She Sells – Sea Shells on the Sea Shore.

Some Accidents

Some Accidents – Sometimes they can’t be avoided.

Friendzone Anime

Friend-zone – Bow your head low enough and you might at least get to l!ck her feet.

Attention People

Attention – Some will do almost anything to gain a little attention.

Big Bad

Big Bad – When Lil red goes out to play the wolf goes out to work.

Your Bus

Your Bus – Will never stop here.

Russian Marines

Russian Marines – The war isn’t as scary as they are.

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer – Selling even the dumbest tee-shirts since the dawn of time.

Who Cares?

Who Cares? – If it disturbs you that much then get the f#*k out of that bed and let me get in!


Mamisan – The best puzzle game ever.

Your Daughter

Your Daughter – Life was so different when she was five.


Success – Just because you’re on the fast track, doesn’t mean that you will reach your goal.

Overspeeding Anime

Over speeding – There really is only one true way to drive. And that’s fast. Really, really, fast.


Paparazzi – Sucking the life out of celebrities one click at a time.

Poor Girl

Poor Girl – She don’t have money for clothes.


Comfort – We’re working on that.

Essentials Anime

Essentials – I like my bikinis like my exams. Short, simple and only covers the important parts.