Tag: Workout

Awesome Global Warming

Global Warming – Climate scientist now attribute Earth’s increased hotness to Pilates, the south beach diet and a new set of ” awesome” breast implants.

Features Promised

Features – As pretty as the car is, make sure that everything performs as promised.

Working Out

Working Out – Yes, she’s running on that treadmill.

Butterface Girl

Butterface – Because paper bags don’t cost that much.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu – Gi or no Gi… I know what I prefer.

Hot Fit Girls

Hot Fit Girls – Are they scary hot or just scary?

Body Work

Work – It build not only character but forms a good body.

Gym Clothes

Gym Clothes – Should be worn in public more often.

I Don’t Always Workout

I DON’T ALWAYS WORKOUT – But when I do, it’s in black, so it is like a funeral for my fat …