Tag: Women

Get Perspective

Get Perspective – Things might look a lot better from another angle.

Women’s Logic

Women’s Logic – I’ll be there in 5 minutes… Stop calling me every half an hour!

Women Trust

Women – They don’t think we can do even the simplest of tasks. Yet they trust us to be able to read their mind.

Priority Men

Priority – No man will ever look the same way at woman’s intellect.


Feminism – strong smart and independent until things get a bit difficult.

Restraining Order

Men – They just don’t take”Restraining Order” for an answer.

Blessed Women

Blessed – One of these women has been blessed with natural beauty and talent. The other one is wearing black.

Money And Women

Money And Women – You can lose money chasing women, You can never lose women chasing money!

Life With Women

Women – Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Best Tools

Tools – A man will be happy with a lot of tools. A woman will need just one, if it is the right size and properly

What Women Want To Hear

Women – They don’t want to hear a man’s opinion. They just want to hear their own In a deeper voice.

Understanding Women

Women – Do you know that awesome moment when you finally understand women? Yeah, me neither.


Obdurate – Women don’t let such things as common sense ruin their argument.