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Hot Nerd Level - Best Demotivational Posters

Hot Nerd Level

Hot Nerd Level - Jedi Master.

Cupcakes Best Demotivational Posters funny

Star Wars Cupcakes

Cupcakes - May the frosting be whit you.

Star Wars T-Shirt Best Demotivational Posters

Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars - Is awesome.

Star Wars Bedroom Best Demotivational Posters

Star Wars Bedroom

Star Wars Bedroom - Coolness factor: 100% Probability of getting laid factor: 1% (+/-1%).


Yoda Master Comedian

Pull out you're not doing any good back there! - Said that she did. Yoda. Jedi Master

yoda-star-wars-boobs-blonde Best Demotivational Posters

Yoda Is Near

Yoda - If you see him, you're gay.

Clone-Wars best-demotivational-posters

Clone Wars

Clone Wars - The dark side needs you!


Yoda Hulk

Yoda Hulk - When angry I am, like me you will not.


Being Decent

Decency - Because getting up and walking away would offend his feelings...


Lego Master Chief

Lego Master Chief - Your argument is invalid.


Being Green

Being Green - Easy is not.


Luke, I’m Your Mother

Masks - Shame occurs when you haven't been able to get away with the "who" you want


No Matter How Old You Are

No Matter How Old You Are - This become a light saber.


Beware: The Empire Virus

Beware The Empire Virus - Now a resident of Happy Hills Sanitarium, Eugene was taken away,


Homeless Sharpies

Paradox - Has anyone ever wondered where do homeless people get their sharpies?


Fan Boys

Fan Boys - Seriously, If I hear anything about missing droids, I'm going to set my phaser


Read Twilight I Will Not

READ TWILIGHT I WILL NOT - Rip my own eyes out much I would rather.


Come Together

Come Together - Right now or else.


The Spocks Of Arkansas

The Spocks Of Arkansas - Willard and Lamar. Family motto: Live long and perspire.