Tag: Smart

Ladies First

Ladies First – Is just nice way to say “Come on, go first, so I can stare at your a$$”

Borrowing Boat

Borrowing – Because it’s only stealing if you get caught.

Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie – I see what you saw there.


Perception – You don’t need to be the biggest fish in the ocean – just the smartest.


Thwarted – By a piece of cheap plastic. Am I really from the same species as Einstein, Tesla and Newton?

Come On In!

Come On In! – I always have time for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here, have a seat. Why don’t you start at the very beginning?

Your Attitude

Your Attitude – Not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Giving Opinions

Giving Opinions – Is like a bad habit, you know you shouldn’t but you just really want to.


Remnant – I don’t think about you any more, I don’t think about you any less.


Opportunist – The one who drinks, while the optimist, the pessimist and the realist are arguing.


Consumerism – We buy stuff we don’t need, with money that we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.

Gambling Odds

Gambling – A smart man thinks he can beat the odds. A dumb man knows he can.


MARKETING – Problem is the consequence of our perfect solution.


Ownage – Is to use your enemy’s tactics in his own destruction.