Tag: School

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad – College is great! I’m learning all kinds of new things.

School Days Continues

School Days Continues – If the bus ride had been like this, I’d have gone more often.


Steroids – Helps you stand out from the crowd.

Hot Teachers

Hot Teachers – Where were they when I was in school!

Back To School

Back To School – Catholic school girls demure and always ready to show reverence.

Old School

Old School – Because it was done right the first time.

A College Education

A College Education – Stay in school, study hard, get a degree and still not make as much as her.

Time Is Relatively

Time – In your bed, It’s 6am, you close your eyes for 5 minutes, It’s 7:45. At school It’s 12:30, you close your eyes for

Screw This

Screw This – I am going to run for public office.

In Case Of Nuclear Attack

In Case Of Nuclear Attack – The safest place for protection from, the blast, the heat and the radiation is under your wooden school desk.


Priceless – Knowing that the funniest photo in this school’s yearbook will be you with a boner.

Methodology Grade

Methodology – If you’re hot, learn how to change your science grade from C to A.