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I Have A Dream - Best Demotivational Posters

I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream...

School Sports - Anime

School Sports

School Sports - Someone gets my attention.

Yo Mama So Fat - Best Demotivational Posters

Yo Mama So Fat

Yo Mama So Fat - Her bra covers up my windows.

Dear Mom and Dad Best Demotivational Posters

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad - College is great! I'm learning all kinds of new things.

School Days Continues Best Demotivational Posters

School Days Continues

School Days Continues - If the bus ride had been like this, I'd have gone more often.

The School Of Young Talents Best Demotivational Posters

The School Of Young Talents

The School Of Young Talents - It is hard to learn, but it will be easy to make a career.

Back To School Now Best Demotivational Posters

Back To School Now

Back To School - Now that's worth some extra credit!

Back To School Again Best Demotivational Posters

Back To School Again

Back To School - Father knows best.

Too Cool For School Best Demotivational Posters

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School - Or any sort of legitimate work.

Try To Cheat Now Best Demotivational Posters

Try To Cheat Now

Try To Cheat Now

Steroids Best Demotivational Posters


Steroids - Helps you stand out from the crowd.

Hot Teachers Best Demotivational Posters

Hot Teachers

Hot Teachers - Where were they when I was in school!

Back To School Best Demotivational Posters

Back To School

Back To School - Catholic school girls demure and always ready to show reverence.

old school best-demotivational-posters

Old School

Old School - Because it was done right the first time.


A College Education

A College Education - Stay in school, study hard, get a degree and still not make as much


Time Is Relatively

Time - In your bed, It's 6am, you close your eyes for 5 minutes, It's 7:45. At school


Screw This

Screw This - I am going to run for public office.


Opportunity Knocks Once

Opportunity Knocks Once - But temptation, that NQDCP5VDFMKM leans on the doorbell.


The Short School Bus

The Short Bus - Cause i sure hope that's not their long one.


You’re So Stupid

You're So Stupid - There's no bus short enough for you.


In Case Of Nuclear Attack

In Case Of Nuclear Attack - The safest place for protection from, the blast, the heat and



Priceless - Knowing that the funniest photo in this school's yearbook will be you with a


Strip Algebra

Strip Algebra


School Volleyball

Sports - Don't ever try kid... go build a computer.


That’s It

That’s It - I'm changing schools.


Methodology Grade

Methodology - If you're hot, learn how to change your science grade from C to A.