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Anime Relationships

Anime Relationships

Relationships - Be careful or you may lose head.

Workplace Relationships Best Demotivational Posters

Workplace Relationships

Workplace Relationships - Awkward...

After Many Years anime

After Many Years

After Many Years - All relationship change.

Their Relationship Best Demotivational Posters

Their Relationship

Their Relationship - Was based upon their common interest in agriculture.

Impulsive Relationship Anime

Impulsive Relationship

Impulsive Relationship - Family planning is for nerds.

Choose The Amish Girl Best Demotivational Posters

Choose The Amish Girl

Choose The Amish Girl - She doesn't expect you to call latter.

Honney, I Would Like To Meet Your Girlfriend Best Demotivational Posters

Honey, I Would Like To Meet Your Girlfriend

Honey, I Would Like To Meet Your Girlfriend - Me too, mom, me too...

flexibility healthy best-demotivational-posters

Flexibility Key

Flexibility -The key to a happy and healthy relationship.


Coming Out On Top

Coming Out On Top - I went for drinks with this cute girl I met. After a fun night out,


Relationships Are Like Glass

Relationships Are Like Glass - Sometimes it's better to leave them broken, than to hurt


Husband Daycare

Husband Daycare - Seems Legit.



Wisdom - Being single doesn't mean than you know nothing about love. Sometimes, being solo


Flirting Friendly

Flirting - It's called flirting when you're in a relationship. But it's being called


Chance Of A Man Winning An Argument

Chance Of A Man Winning An Argument - Zero.


Tombstone Moments

Tombstone Moments - Sometimes begin with a whisper.


Human Correlations

Correlations - Some people just don't get them.


Different Relationships

Relationships - There's no such thing as people changing... you only get to know them


Between Relationships

Between Relationships - Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.


It’s Complicated

It's Complicated - I now understand that Facebook status option.


The One Who Controls

The One - Who controls the relationship is the one who cares the least.