Tag: Poor

Being Poor

Being Poor – Sometimes it’s good thing.

Helping Others

Helping Others – If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?

Dear Life

Dear Life – When I said “can my day get any worse?” It was rhetorical question not a challenge.

Humanity Need

Humanity – At what point does it stop being greed and starts being need?

McDonald’s Coupons

McDonald’s Coupons – That moment when you realize just how poor you really are.

I’m So Broke

I’m So Broke – I have to fart in the d*mn thing just to have a…cent.

You Know You Are Poor

You Know You Are Poor – When your dad buys your Christmas tree at the car wash…

Creative Happiness

Happiness – A tiring quest for the rich, a daily routine for the poor.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy – Runs on hay and water. Droppings still an issue.

I Recently Learned

I Recently Learned – That the poor people would like some healthcare. Why on earth would poor people want to live longer?

About Hunger

Hunger – Some hunger for love, some hunger for fame. Some hunger for recognition, others, they just hunger.

Real Though Childhood

Though Childhood – So I hear you didn’t have a game-boy as a kid. I always wondered what first world problems looked like.