Tag: Painting

After All

After All – Underneath the paint it’s just a little girl…

The Problem

The Problem – With the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.


Torment – I fear you, I fear me, I fear my dreams, I fear my death, But what I fear most is my fear.

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk Art – When genius only needs to last til the next rain shower.

Secrets: Run Or Hide

Secrets – You may run or hide forever, but can you defy yourself from your lie forever …?


Dreamers – I wasn’t looking for prince charming, just someone I can be myself with.

A Good Man..

A Good Man – Can make you feel sexy, strong, and able to take on the world, oh, sorry, that’s wine, wine does that.

I Am A Sniper

I Am A Sniper – A loner… I am not part of the world… But merely observe it through my crosshair… I live by the


Memory – The mind holds your darkest secrets and your greatest treasures.

Confucius Says

CONFUCIUS SAYS – He who creates own drama, deserves one’s own karma …

When You Wish Upon a Star

WHEN YOU WISH – Upon a star you’re actually a few million years late That star is already dead like your dreams.

Screw The Dog

Screw The Dog – It’s my wife you better worry about.

Lost In the Time

Lost – When you lose truck of time, you lose track of your life.

Determination Practice

Determination – Fooling others takes years of practice. Fooling yourself only takes seconds of doubt.


Historically – The people with the useless shiny beads, seem to get the better end of the deal.