Tag: Ninjas


Ninja Cat – You might be able to see me, but the pigeons can’t.

Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats – You can run, but you can’t hide.

Ninjas Cats

Ninjas – When you see them, it’s too late!

Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic Neutral – Never turn your back on that member of the party.

Ninja Food

Ninja Food – Always popping up where you didn’t expect them…

Ninja Babes

Ninja Babes – Because pirate girls have crabs.

Imagination Ninjas

Imagination – There is no such thing as automatic doors only polite ninjas.

Ninja Santa

Ninja Santa – Bringing new meaning to the phrase “You better watch out.”

News Flash

News Flash – Salt water destroys Ninja cloaking powers.

Ninja Kitten

Ninja Kitten – Striking fear into the hearts of children.


Life – You finally get your day in the sun and then: sand ninjas.

Jump Kick

Jump Kick – Because chicks dig sweet ass ninja skills.

The Ninja Parade

The Ninja Parade – It’s OK, I’m straight and didn’t see it either