Tag: Nerds

Nerd It Up

Nerd It Up – You’re doing it right.

Play Nerds

Nerds – It’s fun to chuck stuff at them.

Being A Nerd

Sometimes – It’s not so bad being a nerd.

Nerds HTML

Nerds – They know H.T.M.L. (How to meet the ladies).

Star Wars Bedroom

Star Wars Bedroom – Coolness factor: 100% Probability of getting laid factor: 1% (+/-1%).

Japan Nerds

Japan – Even their nerds are better than ours.

I Don’t Know Karate

I Don’t Know Karate – But I definitely know crazy and I am not afraid to use it.

Nerds Problems

Nerds – Starting a conversation with a beautiful woman is really hard. Explaining why you’re in there closet is even harder.

3D Nerd

3D Nerd – Demotivational Poster