Tag: Nature

Nature Anime Girl

Nature – It’s all good well when nothing is trying to kill or r**e you.

The Real World

The Real World – And yet you sit in a chair day after day, staring at pixels.

Challenge Nature

Why – Why is it a human desire to challenge nature. We can never win, only postpone the inevitable.

The Joys Of Nature

The Joys Of Nature – Fresh air. Exercise. Imminent death. Makes one feel alive. Briefly.


Rebellion – Sometimes it’s just best to fit in.

Love Trick

Love – An evil trick played by nature to get us to breed.


COUNTRYSIDES – They make me wanna take the long way home.


Apophenia – The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common, Instead of altering their views to the fit the facts, thy


Optimism – There are times when the thought just doesn’t count