Tag: Motorbikes

His Girlfriend

His Girlfriend – Was supposed to come out in 5 minutes.

Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity – Lets jack it while Ghost Rider is having a crap.

Rednecks Bike

Rednecks Bike – Before steam-punk, dead rising 2 or fallout 3.


Airbags – Now standard equipment.


Ducati – If there was anything better… I’d be riding it!


Squid – The definition of stupid.

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes – Always attract the hot girls.

Harleys Style

Harley s Style – Making men into boys since 1918…

Wall Of Death

Wall Of Death – Full throttle until you see God. Then brake.

Only Bikers Know

Only Bikers Know – Why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.