Tag: Mother

Here Mom

Here Mom – Take these out, it’ll be a better picture.

Your Mother

Your Mother – Bangs like a screen door in a tornado.

Mom’s Motel

Mom’s Motel – Old, dirty and a few dozen people in it every night!

Your Mom Knows

Your Mom – She knows you’ve been stealing her w##d

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams – If you don’t fear the reprisal, you’d do the same.

Mom Off The Year

Mom Off The Year – They not all win the Britney Spears mom off the year award.

Dating A Mom

Dating A Mom – Like continuing from someone else’s saved game.

Any Time

Any Time – Is good time to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Mum’s Choices

Choices – Mom felt it was good for us to have them0 1. Take it 2. Leave it

I Have Noticed

I Have Noticed – Everyone who is for abortion has already been born.


Honesty – is always the best policy