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Smart Monkeys

Monkeys – Not nearly as dumb as you would think… Are they?!

Soccer Fans

Soccer Fans – And this is before you add alcohol.


Monkey’s – They will always suggest bad ideas.

Evolution Proof

Evolution – Our supposed ancestors keep on providing compelling proof….

Sorry Paris

Sorry Paris – But the dog is my b**ch now!


Wazup – Dude, Call me later, my mums just being awkward!

Monkey Love

Monkey Love – It might be strange but its life.

I Thought

I Thought – You said you had gum in your hair, this will be much easier to get out.

Go Get The Banana

Go Get The Banana – It’s up on the counter, no, there’s nothing in my hand, listen to me, go inside, it’s up on the,

Lost in Thoughts

Thoughts – The Only Reason Some People Get Lost in Thought Is Because It Is Unfamiliar Territory…

Mum on Narcotics

Narcotics – You smoked what? while you were pregnant with me.


Opportunities – If you’re afraid of being slapped, you will get nothing from life.

The Internet

The Internet – It doesn’t make people smarter. It just spreads stupidity faster.

Pickup Artist

Pickup Artist – Look babe, my tree is just over there. Let’s say we hang out…


SIR – No touching the dog, please.

Excuse Me

Excuse Me – But there’s a monkey on your lens.