Tag: Money

Money Shot

Money Shot – It’s all fun until she gets shot in the eye…

A Key

A Key – To any door.

Coming Out On Top

Coming Out On Top – I went for drinks with this cute girl I met. After a fun night out, we arrived in front of

Money And Women

Money And Women – You can lose money chasing women, You can never lose women chasing money!

My Priorities

Priorities – Make sure you have yours in order.

Remember Kids

Remember Kids – If someone offers you drugs, say thank you, they are expensive.

The Penguin

The Penguin – She will not take your filthy stolen money.

What’s In Your Wallet?

What’s In Your Wallet? – And It’s On The Day I Get My Pension, Oh Well They Said It Wasn’t Going To Be, A Rose


Payday – Parties. Clubs. Cinema. Alcohol. I’ve got money to burn. Oh snap! Forgot my bills again.

I’m So Broke

I’m So Broke – I have to fart in the d*mn thing just to have a…cent.

Keep U.S. $$$ In The U.S.A.

Keep U.S. $$$ In The U.S.A. – Proving once again that you may be-able to fix the economy. But you still can’t fix stupid.