Tag: Laptop

Macbook Arts

Macbook – For some it’s a fairy tale, to others a poisoned apple.

Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie – I see what you saw there.

Come Prepared

Come Prepared – It’s almost impossible to prepare too much.

Hi I’m Mouse

Hi I’m Mouse – I would like to invite you for dinner.

I “Love” Computers

I Love Computers – Except when they freeze. And crash. And lose data. And get a virus. And not run programs. And lose internet connection…

Lonely Life

Lonely – Life has many comforting facts like the screen never hugging back.

Computers Tasks

Computers – They make difficult tasks easy, but easy tasks difficult.


Telecommuting – Bathing and getting dressed just get in the way of being productive.

Computer Crash

Computer Crash – Can’t respond to any email today. Something has crashed on my computer and the mouse is missing.

Work From Home

Work From Home – The illusion that watching adult material all day will get junior into college.