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Contemplation Anime

Contemplation Anime

Contemplation Anime - Sometimes it just has to be you and your mind to figure something

The School Swimsuit anime

The School Swimsuit

The School Swimsuit - All your arguments are to belong to me.

The Sword Determination anime

The Sword Determination

The Sword - Is nothing without determination.

Konpaku Youmu anime

Konpaku Youmu

Konpaku Youmu - Mind-sharpened with steel, soul bound by friendship, cold and warmth, an

WOG Best Demotivational Posters


WOG - When you ignore everything else except the belt-line kit and choice of weaponry.

Gardeners anime

Gardeners Anime

Gardeners - Sometimes they need to do more than just tend to the plants.

Outfit Change

Outfit Change - It may outline some worrying facts.

Euphoria katana anime

Euphoria Katana

Euphoria - Seek the opportunity in every situation.

Black Leather And Lace anime

Black Leather And Lace

Black Leather And Lace - Well, it's better than her killing me.

Meira samurai katana anime

Meira Samurai

Meira - Dark, Destiny or Life. This Samurai can be pretty badass too.

Brooms katana anime

Brooms Katana

Brooms - Good enough replacements for katanas.


Ninja Girl In Action

Ninja - What!? Where?