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Why do models clean their teeth once a week Best Demotivational Posters

Why do models clean their teeth once a week?

Why do models clean their teeth once a week? Because they were taught to clean teeth

Your Mother Best Demotivational Posters

Your Mother

Your Mother - Bangs like a screen door in a tornado.

Jokes Anime

Jokes Anime

Jokes - Sometimes the easiest one is the funniest.


Anger Today

Anger - People are too soft these days the other day I was telling a few 'yo mama' jokes


Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage - I can't find my luggage, can you help me? I'll try. Have you first



Confession - Father... I've sinned, I've tricked a jew... My son, that isn't a sin, it's


Hope For Life

Life - I hope it isn’t a big joke because I don’t get it.


Inside Jokes

Inside Jokes - Telling your wife that she looks the same as she did 20 years ago might


Mind Reader

Mind Reader - does he know, how does he KNOW?!?!?


Hope You’re Hungry Phrasing

Phrasing - Kind gesture in America, cruel joke in Africa.