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Bartenders – They do it on the rocks.

Weather Man

Weather Man – The only job where you can be wrong consistently, and still have a job.

Day Off Anime

Day Off – Because a gardener needs time off too.

Milking A Cow

Milking A Cow – It’s productive and good hand training.

How Many Federal Employees

How Many – Federal employees does it take to change a light bulb? Four, one to hold the bulb and three to turn the ladder.

Date Night

Date Night – “Hey, honey! Great news! We can still go to the Olive Garden! I found us a baby-sitter!”


Activists – “Wall Street” I feared them. Then they were my heroes. Then I learned who they are.

True Strength Lies In Submission

True Strength Lies In Submission – Which permits one to dedicate his life through devotion, to something beyond himself. – Henry Miller –

Dignity Job

Dignity – I took a cab today, and driver told me “I love my job, I own this car, I’ve got my own business, I’m

To Err Is Human

To Err Is Human – To blame it on someone else shows management potential.

Computers Tasks

Computers – They make difficult tasks easy, but easy tasks difficult.


Telecommuting – Bathing and getting dressed just get in the way of being productive.

Search Filters

Filters – Because some search results are not safe for work.

Your Job Is

Your Job – Is to kill the other person before they kill you, so our national leaders can negotiate a peace that will last as

Deception By Words

Deception – Beware anyone praising work, they usually have plans for you.