Tag: Heroes


Meth – It’s worse than Kryptonite.

Relaxation In A While

Relaxation – Even the greatest heroes need to take a day off every once in a while.

Boobs Costume

Boobs – Mean never having to defend the accuracy of your costume.

Old School

Old School – Because it was done right the first time.

Iron Man

Iron Man – Is a super hero. IRON WOMAN is a command.


Activists – “Wall Street” I feared them. Then they were my heroes. Then I learned who they are.

Still Heroes

Still Heroes – Just because you want to forget a war… doesn’t mean you should forget the warriors.

White Knights

White Knights – This is how I think women see me on the internet.

Bravery Hero

Bravery – The coward may live to see another day, but the hero….. The hero lives on in the hearts of the people he saved.


Sacrifice –¬†Heroes will sacrifice themselves, to save others. Cowards will sacrifice others, to save themselves.

Heroes Credit

Heroes – Is credit always given where credit is due? No

Best Friends

Best Friends – Always there when needed… Like when that balloon absolutely positively cannot touch the floor or the whole world will blow up.


Heroism – I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.

Superhero Costumes

Superhero Costumes – Some of them just aren’t all that practical for combat.


Flash: The speed you need after eating Mexican food.