Tag: Hero

Right Choice

Right Choice – When you can’t save the princess.

Super Powers Hero

Super Powers Hero Can give you a woody faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

Perspective Gamer

Perspective – You see a hero, they see the final boss of the dungeon crawl.

Iron Man

Iron Man – The early screen test.

Iron Man

Iron Man – Is a super hero. IRON WOMAN is a command.

Bravery Hero

Bravery – The coward may live to see another day, but the hero….. The hero lives on in the hearts of the people he saved.

Social Work

Social Work – A salary waiting to be increased.

Heroes Kids

Hero – Doing what others are afraid to do, and sometimes all it really takes is to show someone how much you really care.

True Hero

True Hero – Not a sports player. Not a politician. Not a faddish popular figure. A hero faces death for others, with no thought of