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Jam Sessions anime

Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions - Music is not about the money nor the fame. It's about being to resonate

Knitted Guitar Hero Best Demotivational Posters

Knitted Guitar Hero

Knitted Guitar Hero - This guy has too much time.

Music Release anime

Music Release

Music - Release those negative feelings to allow more room for positive ones.

Heavy Metal Hero Best Demotivational Posters

Heavy Metal Hero

Heavy Metal - Almost never over rated.

Sincerity Anime

Sincerity Anime

Sincerity Anime - You can't put a mask on music.

Romance The Art Of Music Best Demotivational Posters

Romance The Art Of Music

Romance  - The Art of music is a way into anyone's heart.

Authenticity music anime

Authenticity For Perform Music

Authenticity - Music comes from fingers and throat, not from software and headphones.


Publicity Stunt

Publicity Stunt - Yeah, there are people who would be confused by this one ...


What Is Life?

Life Is - A dream for the wise. A dream for the fool. A dream for the rich. A tragedy for


Once In A While

Once In A While - Something comes along that changes everything.



Passion - Easy to show, hard to imitate, impossible to learn.


Gold Watch

Gold Watch - Diamond ring, I ain't missing not a single thing.


Rock Star Lady

LADY - You can become a rock star .... as long as you stay in the kitchen.



Multitasking - It's not that men can't do two things at once, It's just that we like to



BB KING - Hitting one of THOSE notes.