Tag: Fat Woman


Cankles – Made in America.

Woman Goals

Goals – Don’t stand between a woman and her goals!

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes – Always attract the hot girls.

Invisibility Cloaks

Invisibility Cloaks – Make sure the switch is in the ‘On’ position.

Carpet Towel

Carpet – For when a towel just isn’t enough.

Working Out

Working Out – Yes, she’s running on that treadmill.

Dreams About Being Skinny

Unfortunately – My daydreams about being skinny are always interrupted by the sound of my own chewing.

Working It

Working It – One cheeseburger at a time.

Life’s A Gamble

Life’s A Gamble – I felt insulted the other day when my girlfriends said that I never listened to anything she had to say. To

Yo Mama

Yo Mama – . . . is so fat, when she sings, its over.