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Family Planning

Family Planning – Something that should be available to everyone yet there are those who see that it is stopped.

The Internet

The Internet – I used to think my family was weird. Then I got the internet.

Dad Said

Dad Said – Sure, the student exchange program sounds great!


Genetics – Make sure you meet her Mom before you say, I do.

The Boxer Mafia

The Boxer Mafia – From now on every slipper, every ball, every biscuit, every butt sniff.. the Don gets a taste, kapeesh? Welcome to the


Necessity – Is the mother of invention.

Mum’s Choices

Choices – Mom felt it was good for us to have them0 1. Take it 2. Leave it

Part Of Family

Family – The more we are together, the more sure I am that I am adopted.

The Talk: Father And Son

The Talk – Son, you’re all grown up now, I think it’s time we talk about these things that happen between boys and girls… Sure,

I Bought You

I Bought You – These things that you don’t need, with money we don’t have, so you can impress people you don’t even like.


Bravery – Is being the only one who know you’re afraid. “Franklin P. Jones”

The Family Rebel

THE FAMILY REBEL – I can’t believe I have to wait 6 more years to get away from these freaks. To be born here, my

The New King

The New King – It’s good to be the (future) king.