Tag: Death


Laziness – When you just can’t be bothered to do more than the bare minimum.


Outcast – I’m not afraid of death, but I am afraid of dying. Pain can be alleviated by morphine but the pain of social ostracism

Immortality Trick

Immortality – Every breath you take is one step closer to death. Simply stop breathing.

Honey I’m Home

Honey I’m Home – I was thinking about you all day at work.


Sorrow – There are times when it’s easier to have fallen than to be the one still standing.

Life Is A Game

Life – You belive this is a game, and you may be right. But if you think you can play it better than me, think


Futile – Death sits in the chair across from me and watches. Death sees but has no eyes. Death knows but has no mind. We

There Is No

There Is No –  Young in indestructible or immortal.

Peace And War

In Peace – Sons bury their fathers, In war, fathers bury their sons.

Life With Dad

Life With Dad – I Wish I Ever Had A Chance to Show This To My Dad …

In The End

In The End – Only memories stay with you.

Time Ticking

Time – Keeps on slippin’ into the future.

Why Do We Wait

Why Do We Wait – Until something has died to remember how beautiful it was?


Sacrifice – Heroes will sacrifice themselves, to save others. Cowards will sacrifice others, to save themselves.

Greater Love

Greater Love – Has no one than that, that he lay down his life for his friends.

Winning The War

War – No poor dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard

No More Pain

No More – I looked out this morning and the sun was gone, Turned on some music to start my day, I lost myself in a