Tag: Computers

It’s OK

It’s OK – Tech support sent me!

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm – The only time nobody has to ask you to turn off your computer.

Mom Said

Mom Said – Go play outside.


Complain – Blogging on-line for hours beats pining away waiting for mister right any day.

Regret Is To Late

Regret – Because it’s too late and you can’t afford a new one.

I “Love” Computers

I Love Computers – Except when they freeze. And crash. And lose data. And get a virus. And not run programs. And lose internet connection…

Your Search

Your Search – Winning an argument wit your wife had 0 matches.

Computer Addiction

Addiction – At the point you’re oblivious to them coming you deserve to be taken away.

Computers Tasks

Computers – They make difficult tasks easy, but easy tasks difficult.

Kids Today

Kids Today – Will never know what one of these is.


Vintage – Presently, we own the fastest computers and wear the most fashionable clothes.

The Internet

The Internet – It doesn’t make people smarter. It just spreads stupidity faster.