Tag: Christmas


Sonico – I’d take her as a Christmas present.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa – I better get what I want for xmas this year, or prancer and dancer are next. Make it F@#$!^% happen!

Ninja Santa

Ninja Santa – Bringing new meaning to the phrase “You better watch out.”

Stocking Filler

Stocking Filler – Greybeard Kringle finally left something under the tree that I actually wished for!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa – I have been good all year, Ok, most of the year, well once in awhile, the hell with it, I’ll buy my own

You Know You Are Poor

You Know You Are Poor – When your dad buys your Christmas tree at the car wash…

Ah, Christmas

Ah, Christmas – Some kids have figured it out…

Seasonal Help

Seasonal Help – Santa Claus always hires the good ones.

Japan Christmas

Japan – Doing our own sh** better than us… even Christmas.

Tough Choices

Tough Choices – Okay, you can unwrap a present before Christmas, but only one.