Tag: Boys

The Girl Also Has

The Girl Also Has – A look that says she will make it worth taking a chance.

I Dare You

I Dare You – To find the girl in this picture.


Grandma – The real gangster in this picture.

Courage Gentlemen

Courage – The adventure’s in the quest, gentlemen, “On the other hand, we do need hot dogs.”

Harleys Style

Harley s Style – Making men into boys since 1918…

The Look

The Look – Face it this has happened to you , and will happen again.

Boys vs Men

Boys – Spend their time finding a girl to sleep with. Man – Spend their time looking for one worth waking up to.


Perseverance – Sometimes, the wait is wort it.

Virgins Boys

Virgins: They use condoms too ! And your Mom was so worried you didn’t …. good boy !