Tag: Bomb

Free Seats

Free Seats – I think I’m in the wrong Bus.

Out Sourcing

Out Sourcing – You know it’s gotten out of hand when your call to the suicide help line is answered by someone with a heavy

C4 Bunnies

C4 Bunnies – Suicide Bombing has never been this cute.

In Case Of Nuclear Attack

In Case Of Nuclear Attack – The safest place for protection from, the blast, the heat and the radiation is under your wooden school desk.

Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement The TV show the drone pilot is watching on his other monitor.

Napalm Fire

Napalm – Light a fire for a man, and you’ll keep him warm for a day. Light a man on fire, you’ll keep him warm

Underwater Nukes

Underwater Nukes – And you thought a torpedo could ruin your day.

Safety At Work

Safety At Work – Sometimes it’s really important!

Bomb Squad Prank

Bomb Squad Prank – You know after he’s done shitting himself, he’s going to beat the shit out you.