Tag: Bicycles

Anime Posing

Posing – A good photo requires a good vision and a good model.

Chinese Cars

Chinese Cars – Are very tough and reliable.

Getting Wisdom

Wisdom – You get wisdom from experience, you get experience from bad judgement, this man will be very wise very soon.

How to Fly

Education – Knowing how to fly is good. Knowing how to land is better.


Infaceon – Bike racing term for checking tire pressure with your face.

Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo –¬†Freestyle bicycle will help you get your own free of charge.

Bicycle Police

Bicycle Police – You are under arrest, now get your as* in the basket.

Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike – Cars run on gas and make you fat, bikes run on fat and saves money.

High Scores

High Scores – They’re really important to some people.

Think Before You Invent

Think Before You Invent – Some inventions set our collective knowledge back instead of forward.

I Bet

I Bet – You didn’t notice the Godzilla


Bicycles – They say you never forget how to ride one.

Fail Bike

Fail Bike – When your best just isn’t good enough.