Tag: Bed

Rough Riders

Rough Riders – Maybe we should try another brand of condoms next time.

My Teddy Bear

My Teddy Bear – I will cut anyone who touches it.

Star Wars Bedroom

Star Wars Bedroom – Coolness factor: 100% Probability of getting laid factor: 1% (+/-1%).


Oyasumi – I’m off to bed.

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights – Yet another random thing that now gives me a boner.

Stamina in Bed

Stamina – I’m so good in bed, I recently received the medal of on-her.

College Life

College Life – Memories are great..Until you send your daughter to school.

Bittersweet Woman

Bittersweet – Married to a hot woman that has the morals of a man.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet – Getting friend zoned… With Benefits.

Asian Girls

Asian Girls – So this is your fetish huh?

Fear Of

Fear Of – While your busy bitchin’ about your job or never getting the breaks just think about how this guys day is gonna go.