Tag: Art

Boredom Cup

Boredom – It does terrible things to the mind.

Fine Art

Fine Art – She said it takes years to learn to appreciate. I think it’s all just a matter of perspective.

Excuse Me Ma’am

Excuse Me Ma’am – You appear to have left your nipples turned on.

Law Of Motivation

Law Of Motivation – Creativity is great But plagiarism is faster.


Procrastination – The art of keeping up with yesterday.

Sign Power

Sign Power – That liberal arts degree finally came in handy.

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk Art – When genius only needs to last til the next rain shower.

Art Body

Art – There are no restrictions, test the boundaries and reap the rewards.


Rancor – Hey… for how long have we been angry yet?


OPTIMISM-Belief that everything will be alright when everything is already ok

Art Statue

Art Statue – It doesn’t always require interpretation.


Artists – A happy man may be a successful bishop, dog-catcher, actor or sausage-monger but no happy man ever produced a first-rate painting, sculpture, piece