Tag: Advertising

That’s Crazy

That’s Crazy – Only $55 a month for unlimited calling?

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer – Selling even the dumbest tee-shirts since the dawn of time.


Fundraisers – Some are way better than others! Will you excuse me while I get out my wallet?

Emo Truck

Emo Truck – Optimus Prime’s depressed brother.

Ad Space

Ad Space – The only thing better than a billboard is a billboard that can walk.

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal Advertising – I know I want her but suddenly I am having a craving for a hot dog too.

Advertising Dresses

Advertising – The keys to putting up a billboard are real estate and real estate.

Asians Hope

Asians – Who ever said there wasn’t hope.

Marketing Dress

Marketing Dress – The billboard might be pretty, but without prime real estate, you might as well sell to a bunch of cacti.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox – Another reason not to use Internet explorer.

Twister Ads

Twister – It’s only the best game ever.