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Bad Video Game Movies

Bad Video Game Movies – They don’t like me as Lana Lang, but they’ll love me as Chun Li.


Smurfette – Seriously? Are you reading this?

Hulk Girl

Hulk Girl – Stop the earth! I want to get off!

Ogre Love

Ogre Love – It’s a beautiful thing.

Costumes Overkill

Overkill – Ladies, the type of guys who attend Cons don’t need any provocation to stare slack-jawed at the opposite sex. Costumes are overkill. Cleavage

Gamer Girls Exist

Gamer Girls – They do exist, but you have to leave your house to find them.

Perspective Gamer

Perspective – You see a hero, they see the final boss of the dungeon crawl.

Hope For Your Level

Hope – Because she just might want to hear about your 12th level Paladin.