Tag: Tattoo

Your Daughter

Your Daughter – Life was so different when she was five.

Hipsters Girl

Hipsters – I had some snappy remark, but I forgot…


Swastika – It $ucks when you don’t know it’s meaning.


Yuyuko – She eats so much so that she can fill her own meat buns.

Rock Bottom Kitty

Rock Bottom Kitty – You’ll know it when you get there Mr kitty cat.

Don’t Worry Baby

Don’t Worry Baby – No one will see the photo’s except me… probably.

Regret it

Regret – No matter how hard you try, you’ll always look like a dumb-a$$.

After All

After All – Underneath the paint it’s just a little girl…

Excuse Me Madam

Excuse Me Ma’am – I believe you dropped your sacrifice back there.