Tag: Sports

Baseball Game

Baseball – The sport that brings us the phrases “sliding into home”, “foul ball”, “sacrifice fly” and “the 7th inning stretch”

Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies – They’re not just for bath time anymore.


Obstacles – To some they are opportunities to many others a reality check.

Contact Sports

Contact Sports – Your mom warned you to stick to tennis. But did you listen?

Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking – Women will never get it right if men keep telling them this is 10 inches.

Beach Volleyball

BEACH VOLLEYBALL – The world’s fastest growing spectator sport.

Bobby Petrino

BOBBY PETRINO – Giving jobs to deserving intellectually challenged candidates since 2008.

Body Slam

Body Slam – When bitches just won’t listen.

You Suck

You Suck – No matter how well you perform, when the crowd starts chanting your name, you can’t help but be reminded.

I’m Done

I’m Done – Do you wanna get some breakfast or something?

Wimbledon Girls

Wimbledon – It Get’s better every year out on court 22


Facials: The invisible man is working on one.

Silver Medal

Silver Medal – 1st Place on The long list of Losers