Tag: Old Woman

It’s Rewarding

It’s Rewarding – Releasing whales back into their natural environment.

If Those Red Shorts

If Those Red Shorts – Get any higher, grandma’s b**bies are gonna get cold.

Be Grateful

Be Grateful – They’re not on a nude beach.

70 Years Old

70 Years Old – And still hotter then today’s whining starlets!


Grandma – The real gangster in this picture.

I Have The Feeling

I Have The Feeling – My Grandmother doesn’t like my new girlfriend.

Old People At Weddings

Old People At Weddings – They keep poking me and saying, “You’re next”, so at funerals I do it to them.

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense – Brake!! Bit*h….is….not…..gonna…. brake!

Commando Underwear

Commando – No underwear is not always an acceptable shortcut to happiness.

Inside Jokes

Inside Jokes – Telling your wife that she looks the same as she did 20 years ago might seem like a compliment to her, but

Have A Seat

Have A Seat – You want a cup of shut the hell up or a tall glass of I was just leaving.


Menopause – Bet you can’t guess which one of us is peeing our pants right now? Ha! We fooled you… We all are.

Love Forever

Love – When you can’t tell your farts from her anymore.