Tag: Love

No Great Love

No Great Love – Ever came without great struggle.

If You Love Someone

If You Love Someone – Chain them up so they can’t run away. No, that wasn’t it…


C’mon – Not in front of the children.

Nerds HTML

Nerds – They know H.T.M.L. (How to meet the ladies).

If Love Is Like Wine

If Love Is Like Wine – Then marriage should be the hangover from the next morning?…

Cute Love

Love – I know you love me but this is ridiculous.

Love Is A Fist

Love Is A Fist – The way to a woman’s heart is trough her broken ribs.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Letting someone live with you for nine months, before meeting them for the first time.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love – When love is at it’s simplest, it’s beautiful, when love is at it’s hardest, it’s real life.

Putting A Price In Love

Putting A Price In Love – The more that people undervalue me, the more of a bargain I become. But it’s still a little depressing