Tag: Humor


Damn – It’s not mine.

Invisibility Cloaks

Invisibility Cloaks – Make sure the switch is in the ‘On’ position.

Your Iphone

Your I phone – Is far more precious that you.

Gamers View

Gamers – They have a different mindset.

My Pants

My Pants – I will not put on the ground.

Hydrogen Bond

Hydrogen Bond – Attractive interaction of a hydrogen atom with an electronegative atom.

Truly Friendship

Friendship – Letting you crash on their couch when your too drunk to make it home… Yeah, what a friend

Cute Self Portraits

Cute Self Portraits – Impossible when your little sister is photobombing you.

The Red Pill

The Red Pill – Tell me why would you take a pill from some old guy you just met on the internet?